FREE Quick Cooking Guide Just For Air Fryer Owners!
Easily Reference Cooking Times & Temperatures Of Your Favorite Food  all -in-one Printable!
Need a quick time & temp for the air fryer?
I got you.
This awesome free download includes...
  • A List of Popular & Common Air Fryer Food - all on a single page for you to print and hang on your fridge or inside a cupboard for a quick reference guide. Print in color or black and white! Choose from Fahrenheit or Celsius! 
  • Recommended Times & Temps - got to throw some nuggets in the air fryer? Or maybe a frozen burrito? Or what about some frozen veggies? These and many more are listed with the recommended time and temp!
  • PLUS you'll get NEW Air Fryer recipes delivered to your inbox from ME! Every single Sunday morning I'll send you an email with a few new recipes, a little peek into my life, and a link to my newest YouTube video, of course!
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